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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 16:14:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: adm2780
Subject: New Horizons Chapter Forty-FourAll rights reserved. preteen bkini pics
Other than downloading one copy for personal
enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any
means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author.
As in real life, the sexual themes unfold gradually and are kept to a
realistic level. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be
addressed to the author, Dwight Wilson, at adm2780yahoo.comThis story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact between
males, adult and minor. As such it is homoerotic, designed for the
entertainment of mature freesex preteens
adults. If you are not of legal age to read such
material, or if the subject matter would create irresolvable personal moral
dilemmas, please exit nowNote: I would like to thank Colin and John for their continued support and
patience while I try to write this story. Their support and efforts at
editing and correcting my incest preteen cuties
errors contribute significantly to the reader's
pleasure.Like 'feel good' stories? Go to Adult/Youth section and try pre teen contortionist
"Brad's Idol"
or "Never Take Love For Granted". One is another of my stories, the other
is written by a talented friend.
Chapter Forty-Four: New Horizons
When the vans parked at the New Horizons home base, Michael opened the side
door to find all of his boys had gotten naked again on the trip home. He
remembered hearing the little ones carrying on and giggling and thinking
how nice the sound of innocence was. When the boys exited the van already
naked, he wondered nude preteens thumbs
exactly how innocent they really were. The boys spread
out with the little ones headed straight for the pool. There was only one
thing he could do, smile and keep going.Sean was happy to have the restrictions on his physical activities lifted.
As soon as he got out of the van he waved to his brother and headed towards
the soccer field. If there wasn't a game going there, he knew he could
find girl posing preteen
another game at the basket ball court or volley ball field. Brad
watched his brother run off, and then he headed towards the dorm building.
Just before he reached the building he spotted the friend he knew was
waiting on him. He waved and then walked around the building towards a
pre-agreed on area. Neither boy was aware that they were being watched.Daniel had thought most of the trip back about the monetary free preteen vid
gift and what
was the best application of the funds. Events of the past few days at New
Horizons, and after seeing Jeremy, convinced Daniel the boys needed to talk
to a professional. Having been a slave, Daniel knew the mental and
emotional devastation petite preteen model
it could inflict on a young boy. Sometimes he
wondered angel preteen hard
who had it worse, the young boy preteen boys cherry
who experienced the single shock
of slavery, or the street kids who knew the shock of abandonment and lived
with the constant fear of possible enslavement. Michael was Daniel's best
counsel on the subject. Both men headed to the infirmary.Jimmy lay in his bed, sleeping. Timmy was curled up on the chairs
sleeping. Jimmy had pillows tucked around nude preteen gal
him to prevent him from rolling
over onto broken bones and bruised tissue. The last time Daniel saw the
boy, pain registered over his entire being. Now, he appeared peaceful,
almost angelic in his deep slumber.Timmy, who was responsible for Jimmy's condition, looked as though he was
anything but comfortable. It was Jimmy who saved the boy from being
blacklisted by the other boys and the opportunity to win back their trust.
Daniel and Michael watched the two boys as they slept. Jimmy said the two
of them were friends, sharing quiet nights in fear and pain. Again, they
shared pain, but it was of a different kind. Jimmy's was physical; you
would be able to see him heal. Timmy's was emotional, a professional was
needed to help him heal; a professional and the support of those who cared
for him. Ironically, the one he hurt would be the first to give and give
the most.Paul stepped up behind Michael and Daniel and stood in the doorway. He
knew Daniel was in deep thought. The grin on Daniel's face said it was a
pleasant thought. Michael quietly observed the boys. Paul placed a hand
on his friend's shoulder, startling him. The three men stepped outside the
room."To see them now, no one would believe what was going on around here the
past three or four days." Daniel commented."Timmy's only left that room to get them food and take care of necessities
since the meeting yesterday. He's staying with Jimmy round the clock.
When I checked on them about mid-morning Jimmy started teasing Tim, telling
me how good Tim was getting at wiping his back side. When I looked over at
Tim he was turning five different shades of red, but smiling. He took it
in stride. Notice how close he has those chairs to Jimmy's bed? He's
afraid if he sleeps in the other bed he free preteen cameltoes
won't hear Jimmy call him if he's
needed in the middle of the night. " Paul laughed and then
continued. "Speaking of which, how was the trip?""Much better than I thought it was going to be. Let me show you what we
received." Daniel pulled out the envelope with the gift check. Then he
showed Paul the check gifted for legal expenses on the suits."Who gave us this kind of money?" Paul asked, both curious and astonished."Anonymous. I'm serious; Clayton Thorpe knows but he's been sworn to
secrecy. I'm assured it's all legitimate. Remember when naked preteen girls
I said I wanted
all the boys to under go a psychological profile? Now we have the
resources. Think you can arrange something for them? Even if it's only a
few nonnude models preteens
at a time; I'm particularly concerned about the older boys who've had
to sell themselves on the streets." Michael and Paul could see the concern
in Daniel's expression."Daniel, that's more than enough for what we want." Michael offered.
"These people we're working with will do preteen russian underwear
it to help the kids. preteenz porn pic
It would be
nice though that if they give the time babes preteen innocent
and experience, we could at least
cover their hard expenses. Maybe we could pay for a motel room rather than
keeping them here. If we're going to have help and visitors on a fairly
frequent basis, what about trying to get a manufactured unit to use as
guest quarters?""That's a thought. It shouldn't take too much to get a second hand unit in
good shape. This weekend we'll nasty preteen dancers
have the Captain and his friends here
visiting. It'd be nice to have proper accommodations for them. If we
bring in psychologists, they could stay here and watch the boys on a day to
day basis. There's a couple of manufacturers over around the Tampa area
that may be able to help. Let's look into it and get some numbers. fucking preteen fotos
present it to the board for approval." Daniel concluded."Oh, something else I was going to tell you about." Paul started to smile.
"I was back here fuck preteen girl
right after lunch. As I approached the door I could hear
Tim and Jimmy talking. When I realized they weren't talking to each other
I peaked in the door. Alex and Mikey were in the other bed together.
Jimmy and Timmy were coaching them on how to masturbate without rubbing
themselves raw. You should have heard them, it was hilarious. What preteen fetish pic
wouldn't have given for a sound movie camera at that point." Both men
stood there, laughing. ***Outside, Daniel spotted Kevin and Frank; he motioned for both boys to come
over to him."Fellas, we brought back some guests from Orlando. Two of the boys are the
Captain's; the other young boys belong to some of the other volunteers that
will be here on Saturday. Do me a favor? Spread word among the older boys
to keep an eye out on the little ones. The Captain wasn't very worried,
but I really don't want his sons learning too much, too early, okay?""Sure thing, Mr. Dan'l." the boys replied almost simultaneously. "If they
hook up with the twins, the Captain's kids could get a real education, real
fast. We'll try to keep an eye on them, sir. Uh, Mr. Dan'l? Do we need
to see Mr. Rick about pulling some hardcore russian preteens
more mattresses out?""I don't think so. The boys said they would just pull a couple of
mattresses off the beds and lay them side by side on the floor. They could
sleep across them. If it works, let 'em do it. To them that's more fun
than us having beds set up." Daniel and Michael headed for the
administrative offices. Daniel wanted to talk more with preteen superstara
Paul and include
additional staff members.Paul was busy going through paper work. Daniel never realized how much
paper work was involved with caring for over one hundred boys. Daniel did
realize that he would be in a lot of trouble if he didn't have Paul and
some other staff members to support their efforts. The men gathered in
Daniel's office."When we got to the hospital this morning, I was given this folder. I'd
like for all of you to take a few minutes and look through the papers."
Daniel handed Paul the folder, who opened the file so both he and the other
staff members could view all the contents. "If you think some sexy preteen pic
of the names
look familiar, I'll tell you they are some of the same places and people we
contacted when we were looking for Evan.""Daniel," Jeff began, "who or how ^
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